is a website that enables and allows Microsoft Office users to set up, Install, and Activate Office on their Windows systems and/or Mac PCs. In order to have the setup on their computers, users need to enter their Product keys on the website. Following this, they have to download the files and wait. Microsoft Office, as a program, serves as a collection of server software, services, and client software, designed by Microsoft. At Comdex in Las Vegas, Bill GatesintroducedMicrosoft office. The date was August 1, 1988. The initial version included Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Excel. They developed Microsoft Word in order to create documents.

In order to create spreadsheets, they developed Microsoft Excel. Microsoft PowerPoint is used to create presentations.

Microsoft did the task of creating a group of applications and termed them as suites. They did this keeping in mind that there exist various other Microsoft Office applications that every user does not use that often. There exists, as a result, a suite of applications developed for only students, A suite for home use and small business users, and a separate suite that caters to the needs of large companies. What is inside of each suite determines its price.