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wwwoffice-comsetup.com, which provide the Support for all type of Office Product and we are eager to maintain the information close and do not share and distribute the information to anyone. Website wwwoffice-comsetup is the third party company which provides the support own their own and they are not bound for any obligation if it happens.

Office setup is strictly following the services and support is being provided by the office.com/setup and is not responsible for any other services apart from any services is being provided by wwwoffice-comsetup.com and apart from that we do not have any link with the Intel office services and we are different from them.

After taking the services from us and following the same policy with the Office setup than you allow us to be ready and give you acceptance for the complete terms and policies from the Office setup and if you are not ready to accept the term and conditions of the wwwoffice-comsetup.com in that case, we will suggest you to not use the same webpage for your solutions.

Apart from that if you have any issues with the Services and Terms & Policies, and then you are more than welcome to contact us for the clarifications.

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Office Virtual Technician

If you are facing any kind of issues on your software, We can provide you resolution for each and every query and we’ll fix the same for you. We can collect all information to be more specific and chat for more effective.

Office FAQs and Search

If Virtual Technician are not working upto your expectation, so we will suggest you to take the access of the other PC and check this particular section and search tool in order to gain the most preferable answers.

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Facing Problem still ? Contact us for our most reliable technician who, with your prior approval will get the access of your pc remotely in order to provide the best solution to your queries, while you Watch!