business apps from Office 365

You can grow your business with business apps from Office 365

with Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings, Microsoft Invoicing, and also the Office 365 Business center presently obtainable as part of Microsoft 365 Business and Office 365 Business office365

These apps–together with Microsoft Bookings, Outlook Customer Manager, and MileIQ–bring you seven brand new ways to handle your customer relationships and build your business. Also, new intellect features for MileIQ are announced that automatically classify drives as business or personal on your behalf.

Let’s have a look at the way the apps allow you to grow your business by getting new customers and developing current ones, and also enable you to run your business with simple ways to state, schedule appointments, and monitor mileage–everything from 1 location.


Tools to Cultivate your business


Cultivate customer relationships, create email marketing operations, and support new customers discover you easily with Microsoft Listings, Microsoft Connections, and Outlook Customer Supervisor.


Microsoft Listings, Microsoft Connections, and Outlook Customer Manager help you connect with customers to cultivate your business.

Microsoft Connections:

It Sends professional promotion emails that showcase your brand and drive sales. Simply set up motivations such as refer-a-friend discounts to reward current customers for referrals so that you may bring more business via the doorway.

Outlook Customer Manager:

Increase your relationships using a simple, smart customer management solution. Get fast access to all customer information–emails, meetings, calls, note sand tasks, deals, reminders, and deadlines–right in your inbox so that you spend less time handling data and glancing multiple screens and more time developing customer relationships.

Microsoft Listings:

Bring new customers by finding your business listed on Facebook, Google, and Bing. Confirm that your business information and producer–such as title, address, telephone number, website, hours, and emblem–are dependable across these sites. Also, easily path views and reviews of your business within 1 view.

Microsoft Invoicing:

Create estimates and invoices which look professional. Get paid fast with online payments, monitor pending payments, locate draft estimates and past invoices, set sales tax and discounts, and immediately transform estimates into invoices– within a few clicks.


Track your miles into a simpler, smarter manner with involuntary drive recognition, mileage cataloging, and inclusive coverage. Classify the trip as business or personal in 1 swipe.


Easily handle your customers’ activities. Allow your customers to choose the time space that they need via a simple-to-set-up booking page with built-in Facebook incorporation. Bookings also automatically add appointments for a staff’s calendars which are promoted automatically upon postponement or canceling.

The Business center helps you stay on top of activities across the business apps to save time.

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